How to build cross browser extensions in 3 minutes?

The platform for creating browser buttons for Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera to make users access your website content faster.

Create Your NeoButton
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Three simple steps to turn
your website visitors into users


Create NeoButton for free

Create your NeoButton based on your website content by using fast and easy constructor.

Distribute to website visitors

Product users get instant access to your website content and news. Make the product available for user who love your website.

Benifit from users

Stay in touch with your users without unnecessary efforts and costs.

Instant access to your website content

NeoButtons allows you to create the browser button with your logo.

By clicking on the browser button opens the pop-up with your web content and newsfeed from your social networks.

Users who installed your browser button will get the access to your web content and will be seamlessly notified of your published news, sales without visiting your website.

You don't need to waste your efforts and money for the additional advertisement for the communication with existing users.

How it works
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Instant Product Creation

Easy to use and fast working constructor. Just give your website or blog URL and your product will be built automatically!

Your Brand is Always With User

Browser button with your logo, web content and news from the social networks gives your users the access to your services every moment they are surfing on the Internet.

Easy Product Distribution

Place the created product on your website or give your users the direct link to the download page.

Advanced Analytics

Control the popularity of your product with powerful analytic instruments.

Instant access to your website content.

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